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If You’ve Lost Someone You Love, We Can Help You Seek Accountability

Wrongful death is a tragic situation in which someone loses his or her life due to the negligence or willful misconduct of another. The law allows for a just financial compensation to the survivors for the income the victim likely would have earned had he or she lived, related financial benefits to the survivors, and medical and funeral costs. Monteleone Law Offices, P.L.L.C. have considerable experience in wrongful death law and are available to aggressively pursue your case.

Examples Of Wrongful Death Cases

There can be many scenarios leading to a wrongful death claim, including:

  • Medical malpractice, including errors made during surgery or in-patient care
  • A car or truck accident caused by a negligent driver
  • Negligence in the workplace
  • An accident in a public place caused by faulty maintenance or construction
  • Criminal behavior such as drunk driving or assault

A good rule of thumb is that any behavior or action which would warrant a personal injury lawsuit (if the victim had survived) would also qualify for a wrongful death claim.

What To Know About The Details Of Wrongful Death Litigation

Idaho law requires that a wrongful death suit include specific elements, including:

  • One or more survivors, who can be the victim’s spouse, children, other dependents or parents
  • A financial loss to the survivors due to the lack of the victim’s income
  • An increase in living expenses for tasks that the victim performed (for example, the cost of hiring a handyman to make routine repairs that the victim once performed)

Filing a wrongful death lawsuit involves several steps. First, the suit must establish that the death was caused by negligence or criminal behavior. It must also demonstrate that the financial compensation the suit requests is fair based on the deceased’s earning power and other factors. The suit must also name all affected survivors and explain how the compensation will be distributed among them, should the lawsuit succeed.

Our attorneys understand the requirements of the law and can use our experience to evaluate your case. We have experience dealing with insurance companies and in litigating cases in court. We are equipped to aggressively pursue your case to obtain fair and just compensation for you.

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