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You Don’t Have To Tolerate Workplace Harassment

Everyone deserves to work in an environment where they feel safe and supported. Harassment from co-workers or superiors is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. If you’ve experienced harassment and your employer refuses to adequately address and resolve the problem, it may be time to seek the help of an experienced employment law attorney.

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Harassment Takes Many Forms

State and federal laws prohibit harassment in the workplace. There are various types of harassment, including:

  • Quid pro quo sexual harassment (attempting to solicit sexual favors in exchange for job benefits)
  • Hostile work environment sexual harassment (unwanted touching, unwelcome comments, degrading jokes, repeated requests for dates, etc.)
  • Harassment based on a protected characteristic (race, gender, disability status, age, religion, etc.)

If someone is harassing you in the workplace, you may experience discomfort and stress, and your performance may be affected. If a co-worker is the harasser, take this up with your manager or human resources department first. However, if the harassment is coming from a manager, you may have a case against your employer.

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