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Reducing your risk of a truck blind spot accident

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2023 | PERSONAL INJURY (PLAINTIFF) - Truck Accidents

If driving close to a truck, you should be wary of staying within or close to its blind spots. These blind spots are areas around the truck where truckers have limited or no visibility, making them very dangerous to other drivers. Being in these areas often increases your risk of a collision, and the outcome will likely be disastrous.

Remembering these tips can help reduce your risk of being in a road accident with a truck.

Know where the blind spots are

Large trucks often have several sizable blind spots:

  • Side blind spots. Each side of a truck is a blind spot. The right side is a bigger blind spot than the left, so you should avoid it, especially as the truck turns right.
  • Front blind spot. A truck’s size means truckers usually cannot see several feet in front of their vehicle.
  • Rear blind spot. Trucks do not have rearview mirrors, and although backup cameras are now quite common, not all trucks have them.

These blind spots may also vary depending on the size of the truck. Those with longer trailers, for example, also tend to have bigger side blind spots.

Keep your distance

It is vital to maintain a reasonable distance from a truck. This distance can vary depending on the truck’s size and which side of it you are driving close to. For instance, keeping a 4-second following distance behind a truck is generally safe under normal road conditions.

Be quick when passing

If you are passing a truck, it is wise to inform the trucker by signaling early and doing so on the left side. If you cannot do so, it might be safer to fall back away from the truck’s rear blind spot.

Watch the truck’s turn signals

Trucks typically require ample space when turning, so truckers usually signal in advance before heading in a different direction. Paying attention to turn signals will allow you to move away and avoid a possible collision.

Truck accidents usually result in significant injuries and property damage, but there are ways for you to reduce the risk of them occurring. However, if you are in such an accident and suspect it has to do with the other driver’s negligence, a personal injury attorney can help you protect your rights in court.