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Auto insurance policy increases

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2023 | PERSONAL INJURY (PLAINTIFF) - Car Accidents

Drivers in Idaho might wish to save money on their car insurance, but accidents and claims could drive the premiums prices upwards. How much the insurance policy increases depends on several factors. Often, the traffic violation the driver committed plays a significant role in how much the premiums increase.

Car insurance price increases

On average, an at-fault driver involved in an accident could see an increase of 50%. However, the increase won’t occur until after the current policy expires. Someone facing such a steep increase could look for another policy and potentially save money that way. Still, anyone whose reckless actions led to an insurance claim may not find providers willing to offer low rates since the driver could be labeled high-risk.

Those who at not at fault for an accident could face an average increase of 4%. Such drivers may be the ones who file uninsured motorist claims. The claim might provide the claimant with a settlement that covers their losses when a lawsuit would be impossible, such as when the uninsured motorist has little or no assets.

Drivers might find themselves paying enormous sums for auto insurance after a drunk driving accident. High-risk insurers may be the driver’s only option since finding a provider willing to cover such a customer may prove challenging.

Insurance settlements

Car accidents could leave victims suffering from catastrophic injuries that leave them facing financial hardships. Car insurance covers the liabilities of the at-fault driver, and victims could seek a settlement from the provider. Serious negotiations might be necessary to receive a fair claim from an insurance company that wishes to lowball its offer.

Insurance policies may not cover punitive damages, so victims may sue in court to recover additional sums. Victims might sue a negligent party above insurance policy limits in some cases.