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Dangerous summer driving hazards

On Behalf of | May 26, 2023 | PERSONAL INJURY (PLAINTIFF) - Car Accidents

When summer arrives, there are many activities Idaho residents could enjoy. Going to and from them often involves driving, a routine activity. However, conditions change in the summer, and drivers should become more alert to potential hazards. An increase in commuters on the road raises risks.

Summer driving concerns

Certain risky and reckless actions, such as drunk and distracted driving, are constant throughout the year. During the summer, however, there could be an increase because drivers may attend festivities where they consume alcohol or become too focused on an infotainment system or GPS while traveling. These behaviors may lead to collisions, including fatal ones.

Drivers aren’t the only persons who suffer from distractions. Pedestrians and bicyclists could have their attention elsewhere when crossing the street or veering close to traffic. Drivers must be mindful of them or run the risk of a collision.

Motorcyclists may become a more common sight on roads during the summer. Unfortunately, motorcycles might travel in blind spots, creating dangers when drivers change lanes. Motorcyclists could commit moving violations that cause collisions. Driving defensively when near a motorcycle might be advisable.

Injuries and summer driving

Just as summer weather brings out tourists and commuters, the climate appeals to those planning construction projects. Increased construction and road work could mean more car accidents since only some drive carefully in a construction zone. So, those who do drive defensively and follow posted speed limits and caution signs might still get hit by another vehicle.

Injuries caused by negligent drivers may open doors to legal claims. A civil lawsuit or liability insurance settlement might provide compensation to accident victims.