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Anyone could suffer severe harm in an automobile collision in Idaho. However, data suggests that women are at greater risk of experiencing catastrophic injuries. Some might assume that a woman’s physical frame factors into the severity. However, that is not necessarily the primary reason. Vehicle selections and other factors may contribute to the harmful results.

Women drivers and injury factors

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety performed research showing that women have a greater chance of suffering worse injuries and higher fatalities than men in similar accidents. The study notes consumer choice plays a role in accident outcomes. For example, someone who purchases a fast sports car may be prone to speeding, and speeding drivers place other people at risk. Similarly, some will buy a more durable vehicle, like a pickup truck or an SUV. Generally, men purchase and drive more pickup trucks than women. So, male drivers operating heavier, more powerful vehicles are less likely to suffer as much damage in an accident with a smaller car.

A large number of women involved in accidents drive sedans and compact vehicles. These vehicles might not withstand the impact of a much larger model. Drivers and occupants of a smaller car could be disadvantaged in an accident, even with airbags, seatbelts and other safety features.

Reckless behaviors

An unfortunate element contributing to the accident statistics is that men tend to be more reckless behind the wheel. Many road rage incidents involving a man and male drivers could be more likely to speed and go through red lights and cause car accidents.

The dangers increase for women when reckless drivers operating heavier and more powerful vehicles are more inclined to cause the accident. Certain reckless behaviors could increase the velocity of the crash in the car. The more powerful impact and the vehicle’s inability to brake in time might result in a disastrous collision, leading to a civil lawsuit.