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The complexity of truck accident lawsuits in Idaho

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2023 | PERSONAL INJURY (PLAINTIFF) - Truck Accidents

A truck accident lawsuit can be a complex matter. Not only are truck accidents different from car accidents, but the circumstances and laws surrounding truck accidents are unique. In Idaho, passenger vehicles adhere to state and local laws and truck drivers also adhere to federal laws.

Complex truck accident lawsuit factors

In a lawsuits involving truck accidents, a lawyer has to look at:

• Incurred damages

• The truck driver’s liability

• Why the truck driver caused the accident

A truck driver has to follow state, local, and federal laws for operating the truck in traffic, maintenance, and securing loads. Evidence to determine the driver’s liability includes their electronic logging device, which shows how long they were on the road and when they took breaks. Idaho is an at-fault or tort state, which means the liable party in any vehicle accident must pay for the other party’s injuries and property damage.

Truck accident lawsuit timeline

Because car accidents tend to be more straightforward, you can expect a timeline of several months to agree on a settlement, assuming you did not already sign a release of liability. If you are unsatisfied with the settlement offer after negotiations, your next option is to pursue a lawsuit. Court litigation is another timeline on its own and can take several months to complete.

Truck accidents can have several more negligent parties than car accidents. They operate differently than cars do, so some different driving rules apply. Also, trucking companies are equipped with many lawyers and large insurance companies to fight to avoid paying truck accident injury claims.

What can a lawyer do for your truck accident lawsuit?

Navigating the legal system to achieve fair compensation on your own is extremely difficult, especially for a truck accident lawsuit. Not only can you receive a higher payout with a truck accident lawyer on your side, but your lawyer will hold all liable parties accountable. A truck accident lawsuit will be more efficient and possibly take less time than it usually would without legal representation.

Truck accidents cause significantly greater damage than car accidents. If you are involved in a truck accident lawsuit in Idaho, you have a potentially very complex case. It is helpful to research the state, local, and federal laws regarding truck accidents, or seek legal counsel.