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Every time you get behind the wheel of your car, SUV, truck, or another vehicle in Idaho, you run the risk of injury or death. The following are the most common reasons for motor vehicle deaths and injuries.

Collision factors that have a significant impact on business and personal life

You may be able to avoid some serious injuries in car accidents when taking recommended precautions. Yet, many are the fault of other drivers. Large trucks are responsible for 9% of fatal vehicle crashes, with 71% of fatalities occurring in passenger vehicles hit by trucks. Many crashes occur on U.S. highways, where 1.35 million people die annually. Speeding also increases the likelihood of a crash, especially when truck drivers are involved. Drivers who have previous driving infractions are also more likely to be involved in motor vehicle accidents. Pedestrian deaths are on the rise, too, with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reporting 6,205 pedestrian deaths and 140,000 injuries in 2019.

How to prevent road deaths

More than half of those who died in motor vehicle accidents weren’t wearing seatbelts. Distracted driving accounts for significant numbers, so put down that cell phone.

What happens if I am seriously injured?

Even the most conscientious drivers cannot avoid vehicle mishaps and may sustain serious personal injuries. The majority of accidents occur due to the negligence of one or more of the drivers involved. Some accidents produce permanent conditions that can affect your quality of life.

If you and your loved ones have sustained serious injuries because of the negligence of other drivers, you can file a lawsuit seeking compensation.