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Ridesharing has made life easy for those wishing to travel without paying the high prices associated with taxi cabs and avoiding the hassles of public transportation. While numerous rideshare drives take place without any problems, accidents may happen. Persons injured on an Idaho commute with a rideshare driver may wonder how to seek compensation for their losses. The answer depends on who’s responsible for the incident.

Accidents during rideshares

When a passenger gets into a rideshare vehicle, they reasonably expect the driver to operate the vehicle safely. If the driver commits moving violations or operates the car while impaired, those actions may serve as the basis for a negligence lawsuit if someone gets hurt.

Rideshare companies often provide generous liability insurance coverage. So, victims hurt by a driver, whether passengers, pedestrians or other drivers, may file a claim with the insurance provider.

The rideshare driver’s personal insurance policy may cover losses in certain situations. If the rideshare company does not provide insurance, filing a claim against the driver may be necessary. However, the policy must cover rideshare activities. If not, suing the driver may be necessary. In some situations, suing the rideshare company could still be an option.

Not always the driver’s fault

A rideshare driver could perform their duties without any mistakes, but a trip may end in a devastating collision. Ultimately, a rideshare driver cannot control the behaviors of others on the road. Drunk drivers might cause car accidents that involve rideshare vehicles. The aftermath could see the customer and the rideshare worker file a personal injury lawsuit against the liable party.

Accident victims may have valid claims against all negligent parties. Any party that contributed to the incident could face legal consequences.