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Pickup trucks and cars could cause collisions

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2022 | PERSONAL INJURY (PLAINTIFF) - Car Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents happen more than any Idaho resident wishes. Not all accidents involve dents and scratches, as some vehicles could inflict greater damage. Powerful pickup trucks may carry enough mass to total smaller vehicles, although any car could inflict harm. Sadly, harm is not limited to property damage, as people could suffer terrible injuries in an accident.

Pickup truck and car crashes

Pickup trucks appear to present more dangers since even a light-duty model may inflict more damage than a car of equal weight. A pickup truck’s design may contribute to the impact, although full-sized pickup trucks have lower fatality rates than smaller, lighter models. Maybe people choose lighter models for routine commuting, putting them in more consistent proximity to commuters and pedestrians.

And tragically, pickup trucks are overall 224% more likely to cause a fatal accident. Such figures should not diminish the dangers of compact cars or sedans. Accidents involving cars kill more than 7,600 pedestrians yearly, and vehicles injure upwards of three million people in collisions. The sheer number of car crashes can reach six million incidents each year.

Reasons for collisions

After an accident happens, people want to know why. Victims who suffer severe injuries after car and truck accidents might take legal action against any negligent party. Negligence involves an act or failure to act that may lead to another person’s unnecessary and avoidable injury or death.

Negligent accidents could result from moving violations, with speeding being a top cause for collisions. Someone driving too fast for current road conditions may find a crash unavoidable, but speeding might cause accidents even in mild weather.

Drunk and distracted driving are two other common reasons for accidents. Ultimately, if someone’s negligence caused a crash, the person would likely face a civil claim.