Representing Employees With Wrongful Termination Claims

State and federal laws protect employees from wrongful termination in a wide range of situations. If you believe that you were wrongfully fired from your job, it is important to seek help from a qualified lawyer as soon as possible. At the law firm of Johnson & Monteleone, LLP, our attorneys have significant experience representing employees with wrongful termination claims. To schedule an initial consultation, call our law offices in Boise at 208-488-4944.

Situations Where Wrongful Discharge May Occur

In general, an employer may fire an employee for cause or for no reason at all. However, there are laws in place that help safeguard an individual's rights. Some cases where termination is illegal include:

Discrimination: A person may not be fired based on his or her gender, race, nationality, color, age, religion or disability.

Retaliation: Whistleblowing or reporting your employer to the proper authorities for committing an illegal act provides no legal justification for an employer to fire you. In addition, your employer may not fire you if you refuse to break the law, or act in a way that is contrary to sound morality and public policy.

Breach of contract: Some jobs involve a written contract stating whether an employer may let you go at will or whether good cause is needed for termination. In other jobs, employer policy manuals, handbooks and other documents may be considered to be implied legal contracts. Generally, when working under contract, an employee may be terminated only if he or she breached the specified terms of the contract.

Breach of good faith and fair dealing: There is an implied legal covenant that takes for granted that individuals will act in good faith and deal fairly. Breaking your word, deceiving to dodge responsibilities or neglecting agreements that were clearly understood is a breach of this implied covenant. For wrongful termination purposes, this can be seen when a person is hired on a permanent basis, receives retirement benefits, performs the job well and the company remains financially healthy, yet the person is still let go.

Constructive discharge: This occurs when an employee quits because his or her employer enacted or allowed a change that made his or her working conditions intolerable, and any reasonable person would have quit under those conditions.

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