Help For Employees Suffering Sexual Harassment

Both state and federal laws prohibit sexual harassment in the workplace. However, sexual harassment remains an ongoing problem in all types of businesses. If you believe that you are being sexually harassed at work, it is important to seek advice from experienced legal counsel.

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What Does Sexual Harassment Look Like?

There are two main types of sexual harassment. One type involves tolerating prohibited behavior in order to maintain employment, get a promotion, receive a raise or other employment-related benefits. In these cases, a single incident may be enough to support a harassment claim.

The other type of harassment claim involves a hostile work environment that is so abusive or offensive that it interferes with an employee's ability to perform his or her job. In order to show that a hostile work environment exists it is necessary to gather evidence of numerous incidents to show a pattern of conduct.

Some examples of sexual harassment may include:

  • Demands for sexual favors
  • Unwanted sexual advances
  • Verbal and graphic abuse

There are a number of other factors that must be taken into account in order to bolster a harassment claim, including the nature, context and frequency of the remarks, whether the complaining party participated in the exchange, and whether a reasonable person would take offense to the behavior.

Actions To Take

If you are experiencing workplace harassment it is important to make it clear to the offending parties that the conduct is unwelcome and must stop. You should also report the abuse through the proper channels at your place of employment.

When it comes to developing a strong sexual harassment claim it is important to show that you take reasonable advantage of the opportunities provided by your employer to prevent and correct the harassment. Remember, the law affords you protections when you file sexual harassment charges or when you participate in an investigation or litigation involved with a harassment complaint.

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Employers may be held liable if they don't take corrective actions when confronted with evidence of sexual harassment. In addition, the person who is offended does not necessarily have to be the targeted party in order to file a sexual harassment claim. Call our lawyers at 208-488-4944 or contact us online to schedule a consultation to discuss your situation. From our law offices in Boise, we represent people throughout Idaho. We provide legal services for both English and Spanish speakers.