Representing Workers In Employment Law Matters

People look to the attorneys of Johnson & Monteleone, LLP, for sound legal advice and accomplished skills in the area of employment law. We work hard to provide the highest quality legal services and are committed to serving the needs of individuals who have suffered injustice in the workplace. To schedule an initial consultation at our law offices in Boise, call 208-488-4944.

We Handle A Wide Range Of Employment Legal Issues

Our lawyers provide representation in all employment law matters, including:

Workplace discrimination: Whether you are facing discrimination based on your age, gender, religion or race, we can help you assert your rights under state and federal law, and help put a stop to discrimination in the workplace.

Claims of sexual harassment: Employees, regardless of gender, have the right to be free from sexually harassing behavior at work. These types of cases can be complex and certain steps should be taken to help strengthen your claim. Our attorneys can help explain the options that may be available to you.

Whistleblower cases: A whistleblower is someone who reveals illegal actions taken by a company, either to the public or to someone in a position of authority in the workplace. The law recognizes the value of people who report wrongdoing and provides protections against retaliatory actions taken by employers. We can help assert and protect your rights if your employer has taken illegal action against you.

Wrongful termination claims: In general, an employer may fire an employee for cause or for no reason at all. However, an employer cannot fire an employee based on their status as a member of a protected class, such as race, religion or gender, or in retaliation for reporting illegal behavior in the workplace. If you believe that you were wrongfully terminated, seek legal counsel as soon as possible.

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